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I like many things in life. For instance, I like Theoretical Computer Science and puzzles :smile:. I also like to learn new stuff and build things. This blog is going to help me collect and share all this cool stuff!

Probably, you will see many posts about a particular intriguing problem in Computer Science! Such problems might come, for example, from programming contests, research papers, or pretty much anywhere, as long as they keep me awaken at night. I will also publish topics on TCS which I find too fascinating to be left alone unnoticed. These will mostly be related to algorithms and combinatorial optimisation and they might arise from places like [1] or [2].

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned!

[1]    V. Vazirani - Approximation Algorithms
[2]    S. Arora and B. Barak - Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach